keyTec RAP

The locking system loves a major challenge.

keyTec RAP is the ideal locking system for large-scale properties. With RAP the widest variety of locking hierarchies can be created.
The variety of tumblers, effective picking protection and the possibility for customisation characterise the adaptable technology.

The new technical copy protection of the keyTec RAP system safeguards against undesired reproduction of keys. With protectBall, Winkhaus has managed to query the key in the cylinder with such precision that only an original Winkhaus key can reliably lock and unlock the system.


Key profile
  • Paracentric profile for increased anti-tampering protection.
  • Protected profiles with security card
  • Vertical key insertion

Pin tumbler
  • 6 pins arranged in a row 
  • In addition, up to 10 lateral radial pins are read by indentations (sideway pins) on the key.
  • Anti-manipulation protection with tempered stainless steel and anti-picking pins

Special feature:
  • Technical key protection
  • The rib on the key is read by a locking ball (protectBall) and rib pins in the cylinder. 
  • Drilling protection through hardened, rust-proof steel pins
  • Lock Picking Protection


  • With high-quality plastic cab
  • Caps in various colours 
  • 13.5 mm bow for security fittings
  • Ergonomically shaped key bow
  • Specially shaped tip of the key for reduced wear and tear

Copy protection                
Protection against manipulation
keyTec RAP

Key profile for keyTec RAP

keyTec RAP

keyTec RAP pin tumbler

keyTec RAP

keyTec RAP radial pins

keyTec RAP

keyTec RAP retaining ball with rib query


The patented keyTec RAP locking system is designed for the securing of large properties. With the demand for high-level anti-copy protection and a custom selection of key cap colours.

Supplied with security card as:

  • Main/general locking system (HS/GHS)
  • Central lock system (Z)

Additional deliveries and expansions can only be made when a valid security card is submitted to Winkhaus.

Integrated electronics

  • Combination by means of mechatronic key
  • Mechanical key with integrated transponder for actuation of electronic components, double knob cylinder, access reader, electronic access control (door fitting)


Tested to:

  • DIN/EN
  • VdS
  • SKG
keyTec RAP

HST mechatronic key

Cylinder and dimensions

RAP 01 double profile cylinder
Standard double cylinder with minimum length 61.4 mm (30.7 + 30.7)
RAP 01/15 double profile cylinder (FZG)
For anti-panic multi-point locking systems with minimum length 61.4 (30.7 + 30.7)
Cam, freely rotatable through 360°
RAP 51 double profile cylinder
Lockable from both sides, with emergency and alarm function
Minimum length 61.4 mm (30.7 + 30.7)

RAP 71 short cylinder double profile cylinder

Double cylinder with minimum length 56.4 mm (28.2 + 28.2)
RAP asymmetric double profile cylinder
Lockable from both sides, with emergency and alarm function
Minimum length 63.4 mm (28.2 + 35.2)

RAP 02 half profile cylinder

Minimum length 39 mm, dimension A = 30.7 mm
With 8-way adjustable cam






RAP 04 profile knob cylinder
Minimum length 61.4 mm (30.7 + 30.7)
Brass knob, colour matches cylinder
RAP 09 asymmetric profile knob cylinder
Minimum length 63.4 mm (28.2 + 35.2)
Brass knob, colour matches cylinder




RAP 85, 85/3 padlock
Bow height 28 mm, without and with forced locking
RAP 85/1, 85/4 padlock
Bow height 64 mm, without and with forced locking
Stainless steel bow, brass housing


keyTec RAP 01, 01/15, 51


keyTec RAP 71


keyTec RAP 02


keyTec RAP 04

keyTec RAP

keyTec RAP 85, 85/1, 85/3, 85/4