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Intelligent systems securing a wide variety of buildings

Winkhaus has earned the confidence of customers with innovative products and competent service for over 150 years. Architectures and users around the world value the diversified services and the high quality of the innovative system solutions for windows, doors and access management.

Winkhaus technologies clear the way for contemporary architectural design. They solve demanding tasks and combine cost-effectiveness with environmental awareness.

Particularly with regard to economical building operation, electronic access management systems provide a valuable service. They increase comfort, support energy-efficient operation and simplify management efforts. They also combine intelligent function and outstanding aesthetics. As a result, even complex components can be realised in a forward-thinking manner and managed extremely efficiently.

We offer you a selection of components for the widest range of applications which are equipped with blueChip or blueSmart.

Current Reference Projects

Gangelter Einrichtungen

Gangelt, Germany

Gangelter Einrichtungen Maria Hilf

The compound of Gangelter Einrichtungen Maria Hilf comprises around 30 buildings. Competent care is given to the mentally ill, physically disabled and elderly at this facility. 

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Elegant design and a high level of comfort are essential for high-end hotels. Upon entering, the guest should already enjoy the anticipated service and refined ambience. This is where the blueSmart and blueChip electronic access management systems provide a valuable service - from check-in to the detailed billing of additional services provided in the wellness area.

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Hospitals have continually higher requirements with regard to the inflexible cost situation in healthcare. In addition to the quality of medical services, there is an emphasis on financial operations. Smooth and flexible workflows are crucial to success. In this connection, the blueSmart and blueChip access management systems provide essential support.  

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Administration and public facilities

Heavily frequented buildings place high demands on the locking system. They should remain open for people entering from day to day, but security should be provided for both people and the facility. blueSmart and blueChip access management technologies bridge the gap between high flexibility and reliable control. 

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Flexibility and compliance with auditing requirements have the highest priority at financial institutions. The same applies for control over the persons entering the various areas of a bank. blueSmart and blueChip access management assume a variety of tasks in monetary institutions - from access management in the entire branch network to the parking facility management.  

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Industry and services

Committed employees in commercial buildings generate value. If the building is secured with an electronic locking system from Winkhaus, the system controls access and assumes additional tasks ranging from time management to energy-efficient control of the building technology. In the process, it can be flexibly adapted to changing organisational structures.

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Museums and sport facilities

People enjoy spending their free time in cultural or sport facilities. Therefore, the security of guests, as well as the property itself and the items contained within have the highest priority. Winkhaus blueSmart and blueChip control access reliably and inconspicuously. At the same time, they ideally combine high performance with appealing aesthetics.

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