Time efficiency

Transparent and efficient use of time

Flexible flex time rules – current standard – make stringent demands of electronic time management. Winkhaus offers the right solution with the timeControl Start and timeControl Professional versions of its multifunctional product family.

timeControl – efficient use of time

This ensures transparency and efficient staff work from management and employees alike. The timeControl software manages the recording of flex times, set shift times, part-times, seasonal times and partial retirement in real time. Convenient correction options with automatic back-settlement to any period, as well as information tables for displaying employee statistics, are set components of the software.

The modern, established and tried and tested timeControl time management system is distinguished by its user friendliness and security from manipulation. Its modular structure also offers a high degree of security for your investment, as this system can be adapted easily to fit in with changes in organisation structure. Furthermore, timeControl permits seamless integration with the most common wage and salary software, as well as with Winkhaus electronic locking and access control systems.


Event report and employee master records

Performance characteristics for timeControl Start (TCS) and timeControl Professional (TCP)

  • Software package for recording flex times, set working hours, set shift times, part-times, periods and seasonal working hours, partial retirement
  • Management of up to 200 employee master records
  • Platform independence for all Windows versions up to 64 bit and MS SQL databases
  • Network license for any number of users
  • Comprehensive, convenient correction possibilities with automatic back settlement
  • Any number of day programmes, weekly time plans and shift plans
  • Personal calendar for each employee as an annual overview with absence entries
  • Extensive, freely parameterisable overtime settlement with and without assessment of supplements
  • Extensive reporting with statistical evaluation possibilities
  • Output of reports to the screen, printer or time-controlled via automatic email delivery
  • “GDPdU” interface for the tax audit by the fiscal authorities
  • Additional modules and workflow only with timeControl Professional

Additional modules for timeControl Professional


Shift calendar


Cost-centre change

Workflow module for timeControl Professional

Web PC clock/virtual terminal
The functionality of a conventional terminal is assumed by a virtual terminal. The browser-compatible PC clock can, for example, be opened at workstations with Internet Explorer or Firefox without installing the time management. The booking begins with the click of a mouse and entry of the password. This booking is immediately transmitted (online) to the server. With the query button, up to 4 additional time accounts (e.g. remaining holiday time, flex time, overtime account, etc.) can be displayed. In combination with the modules for the project time recording and the cost centre change, contract times can also be recorded.

Web display
This red-green display serves as a presence overview and is ideal for use at a reception or company-internal telephone centre for an overview of the workers who are present. The information shown on the display can be configured via the web portal and assigned for various employees.

Web application processing
Booking keys such as holiday, business trips, seminars, etc. can be applied for paperlessly by means of the web application processing system. The release levels are defined in the web portal and assigned to supervisors with representatives. An application can pass through up to 5 levels before it is approved. After the approval of the application by the superior, it is immediately transferred to the time management and booked. Employees and supervisors are automatically informed about the current status of applications via email. The application processing system replaces holiday forms in paper format.


Web PC clock/virtual terminal


Web panel


Web application system