Clean, quick and beautiful: Window security for retrofitting

Professional on-site installation of universal components.

The rising number of domestic burglaries is alarming property owners and tenants. This has created demand for effective burglary protection measures. A bonus if it is also easy to install - like the compact solution by Winkhaus: window fittings for retrofitting. They sit concealed inside the rebate and protect against the window being pried open.

Most burglars gain access to a house by prying open or breaking the glass window. Mechanical security components make it noticeably more difficult for them, however. This is where the new modular retrofitting concept by Winkhaus comes in - window security without any visible protruding elements to be applied to the window frame. 

The universal component range with burglary-resistant mushroom head locking bolts offers a solution for all PVC and wooden turn and tilt windows (groove centre positions 9 and 13 mm, sash overlap 18 and 20mm). It can also be used with double-sash windows, which are double-leaf windows without jambs. 

Preassembled cartons
During retrofitting, the existing fittings are replaced with Winkhaus’ new burglary-resistant fittings, which are certified in accordance with the DIN 18104 Part 2 standard. When combined with lockable window handles, the retrofit fittings in the window achieve a security level comparable to resistance class RC2 when pried open, and are therefore recommended by the criminal investigation department of the German police.  

The range contains a total of 29 sets. They are preassembled and supplied in clearly marked cardboard packaging. A complete window set consists of one base carton, one height carton and one width carton. 

Certified quality
Regardless of the existing manufacturer, the window specialist disassembles the old fittings and replaces them with the burglary-resistant Winkhaus fitting. This is certified according to DIN 18104 Part 2 as a burglary-resistant retrofit product for windows and French doors. All burglary-resistant components are manufactured from solid steel. This includes the mushroom head octagonal locking bolts and the security keeps in the frame. 

When this new system is combined with lockable window handles and drilling protection, the retrofit fittings fulfil requirements comparable to resistance class RC2 when an attempt is made to lever the window open. 

Cleaner installation for the customer
Fittings can be exchanged on site, without producing any construction dirt. Clean, clearly marked cardboard packaging facilitates installation and makes a good impression on the customer. Winkhaus also offers an easy-to-use sample case for identifying the replacement parts required beforehand.