No time to lose in an emergency - Heli Austria is protected by blueSmart

If there is particular urgency or one has to negotiate rough terrain, then helicopters are often the "last resort". In the Alps especially, they therefore have their advantages. Austria´s most innovative base for helicopters is located at Sankt Johann in Pongau. A rapid reaction blueSmart locking system by Winkhaus secures the complex.
The attractive new building is embedded in the beautiful landscape on the banks of the Salzach river. Heli Austria GmbH had the puristic architectural specimen built in only a year at a cost of around 7 Million Euros. The space is spread over two storeys. In addition to office space, there is also space for workshops, storage rooms, a recreation room and rest rooms for the rescue crew as well as a modern maintenance and storage hangar. The Urban Innsbruck Architect Office was also able to integrate a helicopter museum into the concept. 

The machines stationed here provide transportation, passenger and sightseeing flights. They are also on standby for avalanche dispersions, disaster operations and flight rescue. 

The family company, which is managed by Mag. Saskia and Roy Knaus, has 180 employees. Some of the staff are employed at the subsidiary location in Meran. Although the two sites are a few hundred kilometres apart, they share a common locking system. A third heliport in Mayrhofen (Tyrol) has already been connected, and there are plans for another one. 

Customised concept
The blueSmart locking system currently consists of a series of different components: upload readers, offline readers, intelligent design door handles, and electronic padlocks and door cylinders are part of the system. All components together form a virtual network. Companies and establishments with multiple buildings, like Heli Austria, benefit from this. Because with a blueSmart system, all areas such as office buildings, residences, group or staff rooms, halls, workshops and hangars can be reliably secured and still controlled centrally. 

Video of the project:

The new generation of access management 
The electronic access system Winkhaus blueSmart combines the convenient management of complex building structures with a modern design. This intelligent system combines the advantages of offline solutions with the benefits of online solutions. The result is cost-effective building operation and an increase in efficiency for electronic locking systems.

blueSmart operates in buildings via a virtual network. The offline and wireless system consists of built-in components which communicate with one another, process information and relay the information to other components. The technology can regulate access control and the use of building automation systems, log movement and bill for user-related services. For instance in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, sports facilities and town halls, senior citizens residences, schools and even airports. Winkhaus blueSmart represents convenience and innovation and is already used widely in Austria.