Winkhaus access management: blueCompact now available with plannable time profiles

Update offers useful features for small businesses and residential buildings

A new update for blueCompact lets users grant access to a property for a specific period of time only or make plans for who will come to water the flowers while they’re away on holiday. With this new update, users of Winkhaus technology benefit from functions previously only available in more complicated systems. Existing customers are also able to download the new version of the Winkhaus app onto their smartphone for free.

blueCompact is Winkhaus’ electronic locking system for small businesses and modern residential buildings. This innovative technology offers intelligent access control tailored too small to medium-sized properties. The locking system can be configured quickly and easily by less technology-savvy users with an app, is easy to install and is attracting increasing numbers of fans with its attractive design.

The entire locking system can be effortlessly managed via an app. As one of the first systems on the market, all processes, authorisations and changes can be administered by smartphones. From mid-April 2018, an update for iOS and Android will be available for free download from the relevant app store. By downloading the updated app and conducting a firmware update for the electronic door cylinders, users can also restrict authorisations to a specific timeframe, making it easy to control the times and locations that can be accessed by a cleaner, staff or members of a club or other association.

Authorise access remotely
The update also increases the convenience of issuing access authorisations remotely. This function can be utilised by blueCompact users on a variety of occasions, including when they are on holiday: They simply give a neighbour or other party a blueCompact Active Key, which can only lock once they have received authorisation information in an encrypted email. The receiver transfers the authorisation onto the key, which can then be used to open the door during a preassigned timeframe. With the new blueCompact software update, this process can now be scheduled for a future date by sending the authorisation mail long before the date authorisation is activated. This function also brings benefits to landlords of holiday apartments, who can now authorise the apartment key before the tenant arrives for their holiday and leave it in a pre-agreed location.

User-friendly system
This user-friendly technology features a number of other, equally impressive functions. blueCompact can be used to configure locking systems with up to 25 cylinders and 99 keys. The user key operates without batteries and is machine-washable. The attractive key design comes in five trendy colours, making the new technology fun to use and ensuring that everyone can find their favourite key easily. The colour pallet also makes it easier to assign and control locking authorisations.

Effortless cylinder exchange
The locking system can be managed using the blueCompact smartphone app. The app also contains a tutorial, explaining all valuable information about the system, including how to swap a mechanical locking cylinder for a blueCompact locking cylinder. 

Electronic blueCompact cylinders are constructed in the same way as a conventional mechanical locking cylinder, i.e. without protruding studs or other components, and feature a replaceable battery with a lifespan of several years. The cylinders’ battery status can be read by the Masterkey and is displayed in the app. The cylinders also indicate in advance when the battery is weakening, meaning that users always have enough time to replace them, even after several years have passed. However, if the user does forget to replace the battery, the Masterkey or other Active Key can be used to perform an emergency opening. During this process, the energy for closing the door is inducted through the key into the cylinder. 

Simple management 
The configuration of the locking system can be customised via the app. Information about authorisations, for example, is transmitted between the app and the blueCompact Masterkey via Bluetooth Low Energy. The electronic blueCompact cylinders on the doors are programmed using the Masterkey and RFID, after which they are able to recognise which key has been authorised for opening. 

Firewall protection
The Winkhaus blueCompact App was developed in line with current online banking app standards and has security features that include an in-app firewall. The data management concept is unique: Winkhaus doesn’t store any personal or security-related information in a cloud or the app, so if a user loses their mobile phone, the person who finds it has no way of reading their secret locking data or gaining access to the building. The app is simply a tool for displaying information and controlling the Masterkey. This data is protected against being read or manipulated by external parties with 128-bit AES encryption.

Once the app has been installed on the smartphone, the system works offline. The internet is not required for locking doors or reprogramming keys. Therefore, if the connection to the web is lost after the initial installation, it has no influence on the locking system. The only thing needed for issuing remote authorisation is an internet connection for sending an encrypted email containing the required access data.