autoLock AV2

Sturdy protection right away

As soon as the door is closed, automatic locking takes place with 2 high tensile steel hooks engaging without the need to lift a handle. The locked door can then be open internally by depressing a handle or operating a thumbturn cylinder. Entrance is gained by use of a key.

AUTOMATIC multi-point locking system - locks automatically as soon as the door is closed

With over 160 years experience in producing locking systems for the world market Winkhaus is a market leader producing innovative security solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrows rapidly changing security and ease of use requirements.

Superbly engineered and manufactured in Germany the AV2+ Locking system is approved by the Police ‘Secured by Design ’security initiative. This important independent endorsement is an essential requirement of the Association of British insurers.

No longer is it necessary to lift the handle lever to engage the hook locking mechanism. This has often been difficult for the elderly and the infirm and puts their security at risk. There is a clear indication from the Police that it is not uncommon for doors to be closed just on the latch because of difficulties lifting handles - a fact well known to potential burglars!

Using an Automatic AV2+ mechanical lock, which operates as a slam lock as soon as the door is closed, also reduces the risk of a ‘follow-on’ attack or ‘tailgating‘ as it is sometimes known. Closing the door behind you as soon as you enter a dwelling gives immediate full security and reduces the risk of anyone trying to enter immediately behind you.

autoLock AV2

High performance gearbox


  • By eliminating the need to lift the handle to engage the lock, the AV2 is ideal for the elderly. The AV2 has uniquely been awarded The Owl Mark™ approval issued by the University of Birmingham Centre for Gerontology which independently assesses products for their suitability of use with the aged.
  • The ability to upgrade to blueMatic AV2 E by adding a motor allows for the option to link to an intercom system, remote control device etc.
  • The AV2 is never “just locked on the latch”. When closing the door, two solid anti-pushback hooks automatically operate to achieve instant security.   
  • Tested to PAS24 the AV2 hook shape provides low operating forces and helps doors achieve a higher level of weather performance.
  • AV2 in combination with Winkhaus Fireframe ® is successfully tested in doors for Fire Door FD30 application.
  • Winkhaus locks have a protective surface coating in excess of EN 1670 : 2007 Grade 4 which is designated as ‘Very high corrosion resistance’.
  • When the door is closed, high security nickel plated steel hooks fully penetrate the heavy duty steel keeps and help prevent forcing apart of the door and frame. AV2 is Police Secured By Design, PAS 24, SKG, and VdS accredited.
  • The high performance gearbox is tested to 100,000 cycles and offers the lowest possible operating forces and helps prevent handle ‘droop’.
  • AV2 Multi-point Locks have been designed to harmonise with the Winkhaus range of security europrofile cylinders, Armorshield™ cylinder guard and Winkhaus XR6-51 Kitemark profile cylinder (KM531333).


  • Retrofitting of a blueMatic EAV2 motor component for electric release function possible
  • Entryguard function
autoLock AV2



  • STV-AV2, variation 60 with 2 hooks for standard house doors with a sash rebate height of 1875 to 2230 mm
  • STV-AV2, variation 62 with 2 hooks for low house doors with a sash rebate height of 1735 to 1875 mm
  • STV-AV2, variation 69 with 2 hooks for high house doors with a sash rebate height of 2230 to 2400 mm
  • Design with integrated entryguard for standard height house doors, easy to unlock by pulling back the latch
  • Design with motorised release as blueMatic AV2-E
autoLock AV2

autoLock AV2 / blueMatic AV2E Variant 60 - Dimensions

autoLock AV2

autoLock AV2 / blueMatic AV2E Variant 62 - Dimensions

autoLock AV2

autoLock AV2 / blueMatic AV2E Variant 69 - Dimensions

autoLock AV2

Door guard version-dimensions

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