autoLock AV3 Heritage Plus

Winkhaus’AV3 Heritage Plus is a modern locking system created to complement all door styles.  With the cylinder in a heritage position, comparable to a traditional eye level cylinder pull.

Automatic locking with enhanced visual value

The autolock AV3 Heritage Plus automatically locks when the door is closed without the need for you to lock it with a key.  This means an external lever handle is not required to operate the locking points, the lock can be opened by turning the key a quarter of a turn. From the inside the door can be opened by an internal thumbturn. 

The new practical daytime latch can be activated for times when flexible entry from outside is required without the use of a key.

The latch is located in the centre of the door which provides superior operation and weather resistance.


General representation STV-AV3 M2


Optional daytime latch (retrofitted or pre-installed)


Latch keep with daytime latch & magnet AV3


  • Automatic locking once the door is closed
  • New duo hook for more security and dynamic contact pressure
  • Latch located in central gearbox provides superior operation & weather resistance
  • Magnetic trigger minimises traces of wear on the door frame
  • Innovative optional daytime latch for flexible entry without use of a key


Available as motorised version: blueMatic AV3-E Heritage Plus
Compatible with Winkhaus’ FAB integrated lever slave lock for double entrance doors
Compatible with Winkhaus’ XR6-51 Kitemark cylinder & Heritage Duo Pull to meet PAS24 7 TS007 3 Star security requirements


  • Protective surface coating in excess of EN 1670:2007 Grade 4
  • PAS24 & ADQ compliant
  • High performance gearbox tested to 100,000 cycles and offers lowest possible operating forces

Latch keep with daytime latch & magnet AV3


  • Faceplates: 16mm & 20mm
  • Backsets: 35mm, 45mm & 55mm


autoLock AV3 / blueMaticEAV3 variant 60 - Dimensions


autoLock AV3 / blueMaticEAV3 variant 62 - Dimensions


autoLock AV3 / blueMaticEAV3 variant 69 - Dimensions


Version with entryguard - Dimensions

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