FAB Slave Door Locks

Shootbolt keep rails with integrated shootbolts

The Winkhaus FAB slave door lock range provides a high security locking option WITHOUT the need for a security kitemark cylinder, cylinder guard or a security handle.

High security locking without the need for handles, cylinder or dummy mullion

The lock is operated by a flush, integrated two way lever the FAB slave lock throws two heavy duty 20mm shootbolts into the head and cill. Combined with the renowned Cobta or Trulock+ multi-point lock on the master door the locking hooks penetrate the FAB slave lock to secure the two leafs together.  No additional hook keeps are required.

Unlike conventional PVCU double doors a dummy mullion is not required, which can dramatically reduce sightlines.  The FAB system requires doors with opposing eurogrooves.


  • An attractive alternative to normal slave door locks.
  • Secure U26 keep rail with 20mm long laminated steel top and bottom shootbolts
  • Easily operated by the convenient operating lever.
  • Quickly installed in the slave leaf of double doors (Requires doors with opposing eurogrooves).
  • Removes the need to handle and cylinder.
  • Ideal for double doors with irregular sash widths.


  • Variants to suit Winkhaus standard, short and tall (3 hook) locks
  • Integral bottom shootbolt giving 1050 handle height
  • To suit sash heights 1853 - 2781mm


  •  SKG **



  • U26mm faceplate


  • Flushbolt operated


  • Three height variants

FAB Variant 60 MV2 dimensions


FAB Variant 62 MV2 dimensions


FAB Variant 69 MV3 dimensions


FAB Variant 69 MV2 dimensions

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