"Family of Locks"

The Cobra™ Multi-point Door Locking System from Winkhaus is part of an extensive range of Door locking systems which have been developed to suit all types of applications in various door framing materials.
Widely used in PVCu and Aluminium it has also been extensively specified and sold in the rapidly growing Composite and Timber door market. The entire range of Cobra™ Locking systems are interchangeable, allowing upgrades and changes which maybe dictated by specific user requirements.

Interchangable Multi-Point Locking Systems

The Cobra™ range is available as Lever operated, Key operated or Split follower (with latch withdrawl by key only on the outside).  Other options include:

  • FA 'Double deadlock' which incorporates two cylinders
  • Entryguard™ (integrated door opening limiter)
  • autoLock AV2 Automatic (no power or wiring required)
  • blueMatic AV2-E Electro-Mechanical
  • Blue Motion™ Fully Electrical Door Locking System
Cobra™ Lock variants are suitable for single domestic entrance doors up to multi-occupancy, disabled access and communal entrance doors.


  • Enhanced gearbox design with the very latest security and low operating forces
  • 25 mm throw solid brass hooks. Tested in accordance with DIN18103 (burglar resistant doors) and approved by major UK insurance companies.
  • Comprehensive adjustments in the keeps that provide low operating forces without the need of additional roller cams.
  • Continuous steal keep rail which ensures that operating forces are equally distributed over the full length of the keep.
  • Nickel plated latch and 16mm and 20mm deadbolt provide maximum strength in the middle of the door.
  • Secure Locking mechanism using sintered metal gears. This ensures a long service life.
  • Anti "push-back" Cobra™ hooks located behind the steel security keeps for optimum security.


  • Key operated   - the deadbolt and hooks are thrown by turning the key
  • Lever operated - the deadbolt and hooks are thrown by lifting the door handle. The door is then locked using the key.
  • Split Follower - this performs as a lever/lever lock but it has the additional feature that the latch only retracts when the internal handle is operated.
  • Compatible with the Winkhaus PalladioTM door handles with optional snib feature.
  • Silver or stainless steel face plate options available.
  • 16mm or 20mm face plates with square or rounded ends.


  • Tested in all door framing materials to PAS24 Enhanced Security Standards.
  • Approved by the Police " Secured by Design" Security initiative.


  • Variant 2060. 20mm Square end croppable faceplate for standard doors
  • Variant 2062. 20mm Square end croppable faceplate for short doors
  • Variant 2069. 20mm Square end croppable faceplate for tall doors
  • Variant 2070. 20mm Radius end faceplate for standard doors
  • Variant 1660. 16mm Square end croppable faceplate for standard doors
  • Variant 1662. 16mm Square end croppable faceplate for short doors
  • U Rail locks available for Aluminium Doors
  • Optional Lever Lever, Lever pad and Key operated (KTA)
  • Backsets 35, 45 and 55mm
  • French Door master and slave variants available


  • Comprehensive range of Urail and Flat Plate keeps
  • Palladio Lever Lever, Lever Pad handles
  • 425 Lever Lever, Lever Pad handles
  • Split spindle pack
  • EntryGuard variant available
Further Mechanical door locks

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