One lock fits all...

A 5 deadbolt multi-point locking system especially designed for the repair market.  The adjustable lock suits the locking point positions of all major brand locks.

Compatible with all major brand locks

Winkhaus have designed a product that can replace most other brand multi-point locks if  the lock that requires replacement can not be identified or is obsolete.  Based on the Thunderbolt locking system the lock has substantially more tolerance for door fitting and could help reduce both fitting time and costly errors on site.


  • Substantially more tolerance for door fitting, which helps reduce both fitting time and costly errors on site
  • Supplied in three parts for maximum flexibility, the extensions can be cropped to fit the existing door sash machining preps without any additional routing but in some cases minimal work may be required.
  • In most cases the existing handles can be re-fitted and the existing euro profile cylinder can be reused if desired


  • Plated to comply with the highest Grade 4 corrosion resistance requirement of BS EN1670 European Standard. 240 Hours
  • Tested to 100,000 cycles the sprung gearbox offers the lowest possible operating forces and helps prevent handle "droop"
  • The split twin deadbolts help to distribute loads and have been tested up to 6.5kn force, 45% greater than the requirements of PAS23/24


Faceplate & Backset:

  • 16mm wide faceplate and 35mm backset for PVCu and aluminium doors
  • 20mm wide faceplate and 45mm backset for timber and composite doors


  • Capable of replacing locks from 1300mm to 2240mm
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