Automatic closing – motorized opening

The AV2-E is an automatic multi-point locking system with integrated motorised opening function. It locks automatically by way of two massive hooks and the latch. The door is opened using a key or a convenient access control system.

Many convenient functions

The motorised automatic locking system enables the massive hooks to automatically grip the keep rail when the door is pulled shut – automatic security! But AV2-E offers even more convenience.

The locked door can be easily opened via remote control or intercom system. The hooks and latch can be retracted at the push of a button, granting immediate entry through the closed door. This is not only convenient, but elegant as well.

The motorised components can also be retrofitted into an existing Winkhaus autoLock AV2 automatic locking system.

An additional revolving door drive is also available as an option. The AV2-E motorised automatic locking system has also been tested and awarded the classification “VdS class A” (with main deadbolt).
blueMatic EAV2

blueMatic AV2E

blueMatic EAV2

blueMatic AV2E accessories

blueMatic EAV2

Fingerprint reader


  • Motorised components for contact-free unlocking are already integrated or can be retrofitted
  • Suitable for all access control systems with potential-free contact
  • Automatic locking via two massive hooks
  • High security thanks to an arrested locking bolt with 25 mm visible width and claw action (WK2/WK3 compatible)
  • Manual function for locking the entire system via profile cylinder – the holiday lockout function
  • Sash rebate heights available up to 2400 mm
  • Milling dimensions and keeps compatible with other Winkhaus products
  • Certified VdS Class A


Motorised opening function integrated or can be retrofitted
blueMatic EAV2

General presentation


  • Variant 2060. 20mm Square end faceplate for standard doors
  • Variant 2062. 20mm Square end faceplate for short doors
  • Variant 2069. 20mm Square end faceplate for tall doors
  • Variant 2070. 20mm Radius end faceplate for standard doors
  • Variant 1660. 16mm Square end faceplate for standard doors
  • U Rail locks available for Aluminium Doors
  • Backsets 35, 45, 55 and 65mm
  • Available without deadbolt for communal entrance
  • Heritage variant available


  • Power supply, 12 V DC, 2 A
  • Cable transition
  • Transponder set
  • Wireless remote control set
  • Cable sets for finger print


  • If third-party power supplies are used: 12 V DC (direct current), stabilised, min. 1.5 A (for EAV locking systems only)
  • Design with integrated entry guard not available.
  • See the instruction manual in the download area for details on wiring.
blueMatic EAV2

blueMatic EAV2 Variant 60, for front doors

blueMatic EAV2

blueMatic EAV2 Variant 62, for short doors

blueMatic EAV2

blueMatic EAV2 Variant 69, for tall doors