blueMatic AV3-E Heritage Plus

The AV3 heritage plus has the cylinder located at eye level.  In addition to automatic locking, the blueMatic AV3-E Heritage Plus system provides motorised unlocking.

Locks automatically. Opens by remote control

From the outside the opening of the door can take place by means of wireless remote control, fingerprint, transponder or Bluetooth.  The versatility and easy integration with all access control systems make it suitable for many different residences, from elderly housing to apartments.
The new practical daytime latch can be activated for times when flexible entry from outside is required without the use of a key.




Example electronic accessories


Fingerprinter (ekey l., Idenkom r.)

  • Automatic locking once the door is closed
  • New duo hook for more security and dynamic contact pressure
  • Magnetic trigger minimises traces of wear on the door frame
  • Innovative optional daytime latch for flexible entry without use of a key
  • Contact free unlocking of doors with motorised components via all access control systems
  • Retrofitting of autoLock AV3 Heritage Plus to blueMatic AV3-E plus made possible with modular design 
  • Simple electrical installatoion


  • Available as mechanical autoLock AV3 Heritage Plus
  • Compatible with Winkhaus’ FAB integrated lever slave lock for double entrance doors


  • Protective surface coating in excess of EN 1670:2007 Grade 4
  • PAS24 & ADQ compliant
  • High performance gearbox tested to 100,000 cycles and offers lowest possible operating forces


General representation

  • Power supply 12 V DC, 2A
  • Cable transition
  • Transponder set
  • Wireless remote control set
  • Cable sets for finger print


blueMatic AV3-E variant 60, for standard house doors


blueMatic AV3-E variant 62, for low entrance doors


blueMatic AV3-E variant 69, for high entrance doors