A building complex in which people reside, live or work must be organised. It should be open for day-to-day users and at the same time protected from unwanted access. For this purpose, Winkhaus offers coherent concepts - whether for the office building, industrial buildings or in shared houses

keyTec VS6

When choosing a master key system, the 3 elements that are critical to the successful selection and implementation of that new system are; Durability, Security and Flexibility.  The Winkhaus VS6 offers all these elements making it a preferred choice.

keyTec ZRV6

keyTec ZRV6

6 lateral pins and 10 radial pins increase the security capacity. Like with ZRV, the security chain of keyTec ZRV6 is based on the locking profile, spherical cap profile and key channel profile key components. Complex security chain


Special Function Range

Additional features that can be requested with all AZ and VS6 cylinders.