keyTec VS6

The preferred choice

The Winkhaus VS6 cylinder is made using only high quality raw materials. German engineering is used to guarantee the precise tolerances that are essential when making our profile cylinder. 


  • Multi key profile technology which means if one key is lost the security of the whole system is not compromised.
  • Internal pins are hardened steel for drill protection and anti pick pins are used to make the cylinder virtually tamper proof
  • As well as the 6 vertical pins the VS6 incorporates up to 10 lateral pins.  These not only increase the security of the cylinder against picking they allow up to 24,000,000 possible differs
  • Reinforced fluted key guide
  • Non toxic corrosion prevention
  • Nickel silver keys


  • Complies with DIN 18252/DIN V 18254
  • In continual tests the VS6 still functions perfectly after 250,000 operations (exceeding Grade 5 BS EN 1303 standard)



  •     Brass body
  •     Steel cam
  •     Hardened steel anti drill pin
  •     Nickel silver keys


  •     Brass
  •     Nickel plated


  •     66mm to 106mm overall length (increments of 5mm either side)


   Anti Barricade function
   Classroom cylinder
   Salt water resistant finish
   Anti Drill protection
   Supplied with 1 key per cylinder
   Anti panic cylinder - can operated even with a key left inserted on the inside
   Turns available in German, Oval, Finger and Anti Ligature
   Large intricate and flexible master key systems possible