keyOne X-pert

The locking system with standard differ.

Designed with private home owners in mind, it uses an open profile section which allows the prompt acquisition of replacements keys.  keyOne X-pert offers the same high level of German engineering as those in our higher ranges.

The proven X-pert 5-pin system enables more than 50,000 theoretical differs and is therefore an efficient standard for a variety of applications. The affordable stock cylinder is available in a variety of designs.

Key profile

  • Paracentric profile for increased unlocking security.

Pin tumblers

  • 5 spring-mounted pin pairs

Special feature

  • Key ordering by key number
  • Protection against manipulation by means of hardened, stainless steel and anti-picking pins


  • 13.5 mm shoulder of the key for the combination of all common security fittings

Copy protection                
Protection against manipulation

X-pert system key profile


X-pert system pin tumbler


X-pert system key


keyOne X-pert provides basic security in the private home. Replacement keys can be easily purchased by key number or 1:1 copies via the key service and specialist retailers.

Supplied without a security card as:

  • Standard differ locking cylinder, keyed alike or different
Tested to:

  • DIN/EN
  • SKG

Cylinder types and dimensions

Double cylinder XR 01
Standard double cylinder with minimum length 61 mm (30.5 + 30.5)
Double cylinder (FZG) XR 01/15
For anti-panic multi-point locking systems with minimum length 61 mm (30.5 + 30.5) Cam, freely rotatable through 360°
Double cylinder XR 51
Lockable from both sides
Minimum length 61 mm (30.5 + 30.5)

Double cylinder XR 77 asymmetric short cylinder
Double cylinder with minimum length 62 mm (27 + 35)
Double cylinder XR 71 asymmetric short cylinder
Double cylinder with minimum length 55 mm (27.5 + 27.5)
Double cylinder XR 57 asymmetric
Lockable from both sides
Minimum length 62 mm (27 + 35)


Single cylinder XR02
Minimum length 40 mm, Dimension A=30 mm
With cam adjustable to eight settings


Turn cylinder XR 04
Minimum length 61 mm (30.5 + 30.5)
Brass knob with finish matching the cylinder


keyOne XR 01, 01/15, 51


keyOne XR 77


keyOne XR 02


keyOne XR 04