Access management with interfaces for lifts and alarm systems

The 78 employees work in a total area of 2,500 square metres in the building of PSD Bank in Münster, providing consultation and customer service. The remaining 13,350 square metres over nine buildings are used by third-party tenants. Bank and tenant use the blueChip electronic access control system.

This includes 56 EZK electronic rosette fittings. For the PSD building they were specially adapted to the architect's design requests. In addition, 160 blueChip locking cylinders were installed. On top of that, 32 online readers were added, which use interfaces partly with PIN code and for activation of the burglary alarm system and for the lift control. Two hundred fifty blueChip keys were distributed in a variety of colours to bank employees and employees in the leased offices, depending on user group.

Access to the building and to the main entrance doors of PSD Bank and the leased areas takes place via 32 online readers. For the individual areas, the alarm system can be activated and deactivated via reader by means of a PIN code. If the system is activated, the access control system automatically blocks access to the respective building part. The lift functions similarly: Only persons with the appropriate authorisation can use the lift to reach their workstation. A reader integrated into the lift design recognises which area of the building the user has access to by means of their transponder key.

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