Sparkasse Emsland


Access management based on the four eyes principle

Flexibility and compliance with auditing requirements have the highest priority at financial institutions. This also applies for the administrative building of Sparkasse Emsland in Meppen. The new building completed in 2009 has around 300 doors. They can all be unlocked electronically, and most are equipped with the EZK intelligent door fitting. Employees need only one blueChip key for this. Access to the grounds and the underground garage are also regulated by the Winkhaus system. All the access control system needs is the registration plate number to identify vehicles.

The blueIntrasControl software, which Winkhaus tailors individually to customer requirements, controls the system and factors in the bank-specific four eyes principle. Access rights can therefore never be changed by one system operator alone. Every blocking and access process must be enabled by two employees in a common process.

In order to block transponder keys or to change locking rights, it is no longer necessary to go directly to the door. This is because the individual profiles of the respective keys are transmitted only from the central computer to the AccessPpoint and transmitted to the key itself when the building is entered.

The first Sparkasse Emsland branch office was equipped with the blueChip system in January 2009. It is connected online to the server of the main office. The upgrading of further properties is planned.

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