Volksbank Filder


blueSmart secures Volksbank

Earlier, there were more than 30 master keys in use at the Neuhausen location. The loss of a key had far-reaching consequences. Today, each employee of the six branches of Volksbank Filder eG has an electronic blueSmart key. If a key is lost, it is quickly blocked in the central computer. Notification of the block spreads rapidly throughout the virtual network and access is blocked. For the comfortable management of the nine locking systems from Winkhaus, Volksbank uses their existing IT system.

As a monetary institution first and foremost, Volksbank Filder relies on blueSmart for the security of its branch offices. The high flexibility with changes in use and the increased security convinced decision-makers. Access rights can not be issued very quickly and on a needs-oriented basis, and the uniformity of the locking system over all branch offices provides numerous advantages.

It is complex building structures which allow blueSmart technology to show its strengths to their full advantage. Winkhaus’s pioneering blueSmart electronic access management focuses on optimum convenience and maximum flexibility. Featuring a unique combination between an electronic locking system and a passive key, blueSmart communicates its data via a virtual network. The system transmits information between electronic cylinders at a fast rate by means of a battery-free blueSmart key without the need for cabling.

In just four weeks, the six offices were equipped with a total of 130 locking cylinders and seven upload readers. The installation of the cylinders only required two days.

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