Gangelter Einrichtung Maria hilf


blueSmart enables new freedoms

The compound of Gangelter Einrichtungen Maria Hilf comprises around 30 buildings. Competent care is given to the mentally ill, physically disabled and elderly at this facility. blueSmart secures the buildings.

Previously, various mechanical and electronic locking system regulated access to the buildings on the 87,000 square metre grounds. Management of the systems was complicated and they did not offer any possibility of expansion.

The possibility of virtual networking, in particular, and the uncomplicated manner of issuing various locking rights with blueSmart convinced the building owners, who were looking for a modern solution. Around 2000 electronic blueSmart cylinders, nine AccessPoints and 30 standalone readers now secure the complex. Winkhaus developed special cylinders which cannot be manipulated by patients for the vulnerable areas providing care for the mentally ill.

Around 1,500 keys are in use in the complex. The innovative technology provides residents greater freedom of movement. If a key is lost, it is automatically rendered useless after 24 hours and can be blocked beforehand.

Residents and staff members manage very well with the electronic keys, because the blueSmart key is used like a mechanical key.

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