Klinik Diakonissen Salzburg


Winkhaus blueSmart organises access in private Salzburg hospital

The processes in a hospital must operate quickly and smoothly, particularly in an emergency situation Therefore, an electronic locking system from Winkhaus controls the access management in Klinik Diakonissen Salzburg. The high flexibility of blueSmart, the simple operation and the appealing design convinced the operators of the respected private hospital of the innovative Winkhaus technology.

The friendly architecture of the ensemble of buildings at Klinik Diakonissen Salzburg is characterised by areas flooded by light and bright colours. Artistically designed sliding doors also make a colourful contribution. The innovative design of blueSmart components integrate harmonically into this ambience. This includes the 175 blueSmart profile cylinders. They have a compact format and come without a knob. The existing mechanical locking cylinders were easily replaced with the blueSmart cylinders. In addition, in the physical therapy area, for example, 18 EZK "intelligent door handles" with an elegant design were installed, satisfying the especially high demands on design.

They have a time function which makes it possible to read the date and time of the last 2000 locking events. The users' blueSmart keys also independently record the last 18 locking events and transmit this information to the software via the upload reader. This ensures that it is easy to indicate which particular users entered a particular room or rooms at a particular time,

These elements in the building combine to form a virtual network which functions offline and wirelessly between the installed electronic components. The blueSmart system was installed in Salzburg quickly and without complications, because only four access points at the main entrances are conventionally networked. The access entitlements of the staff are programmed here with the regular uploading to the user keys.

A central server with two client PCs serves as the control unit of the entire electronic locking system.

You can download a detailed reference report for this project on the right-hand side of the page.