Klinikum Kassel


New main building secured with an electronic system in record time

Only three months passed from the time that the contract was awarded to the initial commissioning of the new electronic locking system at Kassel Hospital in 2010. During this short period of time, a main building was equipped with blueChip technology and locking plans were produced for the complex and its roughly 850 employees. Other buildings were gradually fitted with the system, as their existing systems can no longer be upgraded and incur high costs when keys are lost.

The owners changed the access system over to cards to increase the level of security in the complex. The hospital now works with hybrid cards which contain two RFID chips and a contact chip in addition to a pass photo. They cover all desired functions and also accommodate additional application options in the future. Employees’ cards not only open doors in the hospital, but also unlock changing room lockers and safety deposit boxes. The contact-based chip serves as an identification medium and will also allow PC users to carry out their duties on different computers in the future, enabling them to take their work to any computer.

The hospital’s virtual network currently consists of 70
online upload readers, 140 stand-alone readers, 250 double knob cylinders and 2200 EZK intelligent design door handle fittings. They recognise the 6500 employee identifications cards contact-free. The identification cards are coded and printed by a Winkhaus card management system.

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