Klinikum Waren


Automatic Charge Accounting

In the Waren/Müritz hospital the electronic locking system from Winkhaus assumes a wide range of tasks. blueChip takes care of access control and simultaneously supports parking facility management.

Control of entry to the hospital with its 480 employees has to be able to be flexible. As employee changes, changed uses and the issue of new authorisations are frequent tasks. At the same time, parking lot management was linked into the system to prevent unauthorised parking and automatically invoice parking charges for staff based on period of use.

This solution was implemented by linking blueChip with the Siemens HiMED system. The system is used in hospitals as a software solution for invoicing cashless payments for consumptions, such as canteens, telephone or parking charges. The Winkhaus access system reports to HiMED via an interface each time a member of hospital staff enters or leaves the parking facility. Using this information, billing to the employee’s account can then take place.

All staff at the hospital now carry a personal blueChip card with their photograph for security reasons. At each of the 268 networked and 59 offline readers in the hospital, it indicates "go" or "no go" depending on the bearer's individual access privileges.

The definition of who is allowed to go where and at what time is specified centrally on a PC. In this way, any organisational changes can be made. Lost cards can be easily deactivated on a PC.

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