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Committed employees in commercial buildings generate value. Sometimes they work day and night in multi-shift operations. Some are only a part of the team for a few weeks and other spend their entire professional life in the company. The work environment changes when there is restructuring.

Everyone passes through doors and many use a key or a card when entering and leaving the building. With a change of personnel, not everyone thinks to return the key. Therefore, security loopholes are preprogrammed.

If access is regulated by an electronic locking system from Winkhaus, keys or cards not returned are simply blocked. The system can also perform a number of other important tasks in the background - such as time management or energy-efficient control of the building technology. It can also be flexibly adapted to changing organisational structures.



Ruesselsheim, Germany

Printing centre, Rhein-Main

The latest issues of numerous daily and weekly periodicals and trade magazines are printed day and night in the Rhein-Main printing centre.

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Frankfurt, Germany

The Squaire

A new dimension of work and life awaits all who enter THE SQUAIRE at Frankfurt Airport.

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Berlin, Germany


In the main administrative centre of UFA, one of the oldest, highest-profile German entertainment brands has gone high-tech.

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