UFA Berlin


Networking with building management technology and facility management systems

In the main administrative centre of UFA, one of the oldest, highest-profile German entertainment brands has gone high-tech. In 2004 the building complex's mechanical locking system was replaced with blueChip by Winkhaus.

Since then, 363 blueChip cylinders and 15 access card readers have ensured economical operation of the administrative building. High efficiency is achieved by linking the access control system to the building management system. Once the first employee of an office has logged on at the reader of the underground garage or at the building entrance reader, either the heating or air conditioning is activated, depending on the weather conditions. The power circuit for the lighting is also enabled, and can then be switched on as necessary. The room temperature can also be raised or lowered by three degrees using a thermostat installed in each room. The heating in each individual office is set to night service mode as soon as the last person from an office has logged off at a reader. The lighting is then switched off, if it was inadvertently left on.

The system is managed centrally via a client server structure using the blueIntrasControl software solution. Besides the position of all doors in the building and the security components they feature, the software also registers the 280 UFA employees and temporary, regularly changing employees as well as service personnel.

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