Museums and sport facilities

People enjoy spending their free time in cultural or sport facilities. Large numbers of visitors seek out these locations especially during events. In this connection, the security of the guests has the highest priority. The same applies for the property itself and the items contained within. Winkhaus blueSmart and blueChip technologies control access to leisure facilities reliably and inconspicuously. At the same time, they ideally combine high performance with appealing aesthetics.

Depending on the area of application, the blueSmart and blueChip systems offer a suitable door solution: For example, an electronic cylinder in compact format can be arranged for, because the appearance of historical doors or the aesthetics of modern architecture should be given priority. In addition, durable and powerful cylinders with a large battery compartment can also last for a long time in remote outside areas.

Winkhaus system react flexibly to groups with changing access authorisations within an organisation or amongst employees. blueSmart and blueChip can also be linked to the building technology to enable savings potential and improve the energy balance sheet.



Wolfsburg, Germany


phæno is an innovative science centre in Wolfsburg. The mechanical locking system was replaced with blueChip electronic locking system.

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Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest National Stadium

In May 2012 Atletico Madrid won the Euroleague finale with a 3-0 victory over Athletic Bilbao in the new National Stadium in Bucharest.  

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