A flexible solution for one of the world's most modern buildings.

phæno is an innovative science centre in Wolfsburg. Opened in 2005 as a landscape for experimentation, the ambitious new building was still equipped with a mechanical locking system. The technology soon reached its limitations and was replaced with a blueChip electronic locking system.

Around 100 employees work in phæno. Some of them are temporary staff. As a result, there is a frequent changeover, which places particular demands on the flexibility of the locking system.

Functional and aesthetic aspects also had to be considered in the search for a flexible solution. The new locking system should be appropriate for the avant-garde building in all respects. The new system also had to conform to the emergency escape route concept.

The desired solution was blueChip from Winkhaus. The compact design of the electronic door cylinder featured an attractive appearance that fit into the existing installation space without the need for conversion. Cables only had to routed to four readers at the outside entrances. The powerful system also comes without knobs, which would have interfered with the pivot handle on the panic doors.

Access from outside is now controlled by the four online upload readers and 5 offline readers. Together with the 150 door cylinders and the blueChip keys, they form a virtual network with a high measure of flexibility.

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