aluPilot - The efficient fitting system for aluminium windows

Winkhaus’ innovative aluPilot fitting system saves up to 10 minutes in the production of an aluminium window, thus significantly reducing production costs. This makes it possible to insert components frontally into the fitting groove of the sash frame, to name one example. In this way upstream work processes, such as punching and cutting connecting rods to length, are eliminated. The fitting concept offers many more advantages beyond this. No matter whether it’s used as a fully concealed fitting or a fitting with a surface-mounted hinge side, the aluPilot system saves time and money thanks to efficient handling.

Window production with a vision

Reducing costs through efficient installation

No need for preliminary processing

Sash components are connected to one another by drive rods which are available in seven fixed lengths. This eliminates preliminary work steps such as punching and cutting connecting rods to length.

Tool concept

Two screw drives and an installation lever are all that’s needed to install and adjust the components.This eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly machines such as punches.

Innovative design

All fitting components are installed frontally into the fitting groove of the sash or frame. This eliminates the need to punch out the sash groove.

Fewer components

Pre-installed components reduce the number of parts in a set of fittings by up to 25%. This means significantly less handling effort during installation.

High Security

Burglary resistance to European Standards.

Quick to install

The effort needed to produce a standard window is reduced by up to 10 minutes. Thus the production costs of the entire window are lowered.