Tilt and Turn fittings

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Variety in the modular system

The turn-tilt fitting systems of Winkhaus have a modular design. With a manageable number of components, they open up a broad spectrum of system solutions for window manufacturers. Manufacturers also benefit from significant cost advantages with regard to warehousing, investment in inventory, distribution and production achieved due to the reduced number of components.

activPilot Concept

Functionality, mature security technology and a high level of operating convenience characterise the versatile turn-tilt fitting system.


activPilot Select

Nearly invisible, the system lying buried performs the difficult task of holding heavy sash weights.


activPilot Elegance

The fitting lying fully buried allows especially narrow views and can even bear sash weights of up to 100 kg.


activPilot Comfort PADK

Windows are capable of turn-opening, tilting and parallel action with the fitting, which can also provide effective burglary resistance.


activPilot Topstar

The fully-concealed fitting system bearing tall and heavy sashes up to 130 kg without needing additional components.