activPilot Elegance

For innovations in window design

activPilot Elegance fittings are fully concealed, which is particularly suited for use in narrow rebate shapes. Despite the minimal space requirements, sash weights of up to 100 kg can be used, which leaves space for triple glazing and the requirements with regard to energy-saving measures.

The fully concealed activPilot Elegance fitting system is a perfected combination with regard to both technology and appearance, consisting of the tried-and-tested bearing pieces from the autoPilot TopStar range with a connection to our activPilot Concept fittings.

This system therefore offers all the quality and performance features of activPilot. But the shear, turn and corner hinges are completely hidden in the frame rebate. This means that differences in colour between the frame and the fitting components can be directly avoided and you can offer your customers the greatest possible freedom when choosing the colour of their window sashes and frames.

Added to this is the fact that the handling of activPilot Elegance fittings enables you to design much narrower window frames, which means that the window can fit more harmoniously in the chosen room concept.
activPilot Elegance

Sash corner hinge area

For timber and PVC-U windows
Can be used for wooden windows from Euro rebate 18 mm

Max. sash weight

  • 100 kg

Sash dimensions

  • Min. sash rebate width 370 mm
  • Max. sash rebate width 1400 mm
  • Min. sash rebate height 460 mm
  • Max. sash rebate height 2300 mm
  • Max. sash size 2.0 m²
  • Ratio between sash rebate width : sash rebate height ≤ 1.5 : 1