keyTec RAP+

When big isn't big enough.

When successful companies expand, they usually need more space. This can also mean that locking system hierarchies may change. The keyTec RAP and RAP+ systems are ready for this. A property can also be reorganised while in operation in case of an expansion from the keyTec RAP basic version to keyTec RAP+.

With keyTec RAP+ for complex locking systems, even more locking combinations are possible than in the RAP system, thanks to up to seven additional rib pins. As a result, the theoretical number of possible locking combinations increases to 6,473,864,966,008.


Key profile
  • Multi-paracentric profile for increased anti-tampering protection
  • Prevents the insertion of unauthorised keys
  • Vertical key insertion 

Pin tumbler
  • 6 pins arranged in a row 
  • Up to 8 lateral radial pins are additionally red by indentations (sideway pins) on the key
  • Up to 7 rib pins which are read by holes on the key rib

Special feature:
  • Technical key protection
  • The rib on the key is read by a locking ball (protectBall) and rib pins in the cylinder. 
  • Drilling protection through hardened, rust-proof steel pins
  • Lock Picking Protection


  • With high-quality plastic cab
  • Caps in various colours
  • 13.5 mm bow for security fittings
  • Ergonomically shaped key bow for an improved grip
  • Specially shaped tip of the key for reduced wear and tear

Copy protection                
Protection against manipulation
keyTec RAP+

keyTec RAP+ key profile

keyTec RAP+

keyTec RAP+ pin tumbler

keyTec RAP+

keyTec RAP+ radial pins

keyTec RAP+

keyTec RAP+ locking ball and rip pin with check of differs


The patented keyTec RAP+ locking system is designed for the securing of complex properties with high hierarchical demands on the locking structure. RAP+ satisfies the demand for high-level anti-copy protection and anti-manipulation protection, enables a custom selection of key cap colours.

Supplied with security card as:

  • Main/general locking system (HS/GHS)
  • Central lock system (Z)

Additional deliveries and expansions can only be made when a valid security card is submitted to Winkhaus.

Integrated electronics

  • Combination by means of mechatronic key
  • Mechanical key with integrated transponder for actuation of electronic components, double knob cylinder, access reader, electronic access control (door fitting)


Tested to (in progress):

  • DIN/EN
  • VdS
  • SKG

keyTec RAP+

HST mechatronic key

Cylinder types and dimensions

RAP+ 01 profile double cylinder
Standard double cylinder with minimum length 61.4 mm (30.7 + 30.7)
RAP+ 01/15 double profile cylinder (FZG)
For anti-panic multi-point locking systems with minimum length 61.4 (30.7 + 30.7)
Cam, freely rotatable through 360°
RAP+ 51 profile double cylinder
Lockable from both sides, with emergency and alarm function
Minimum length 61.4 mm (30.7 + 30.7)

RAP+ 71 short cylinder profile double cylinder

Double cylinder with minimum length 56.4 mm (28.2 + 28.2)
RAP+ 57 asymmetric profile double cylinder
Lockable from both sides, with emergency and alarm function
Minimum length 63.4 mm (28.2 + 35.2)

RAP+ 02 Profile half cylinder

Minimum length 39 mm, dimension A = 30.7 mm
With 8-way adjustable cam






RAP+ 04 profile knob cylinder
Minimum length 61.4 mm (30.7 + 30.7)
Brass knob, colour matches cylinder
RAP+ 09 asymmetric profile knob cylinder
Minimum length 63.4 mm (28.2 + 35.2)
Brass knob, colour matches cylinder




RAP+ 85, 85/3 padlock
Bow height 28 mm, without and with forced locking
RAP+ 85/1, 85/4 padlock
Bow height 64 mm, without and with forced locking
Stainless steel bow, brass housing


keyTec RAP+ 01, 01/15, 51


keyTec RAP+ 71


keyTec RAP+ 02


keyTec RAP+ 04


keyTec RAP+ 85, 85/1, 85/3, 85/4