Helicopter support point Heliport

Helicopters are often the "last resort". Austria's most innovative base for helicopters is located at Sankt Johann im Pongau. A rapid-reaction blueSmart locking system secures the complex. It was important to the building owner that the technical area in the heliport in particular is extremely secure. Heli Austria GmbH had the puristic architecture structure built in just one year at a cost of around seven million euros. The space is spread over two storeys. In addition to offices, the building also boasts space for workshops, storage rooms, a recreation room, rest rooms for the rescue crew and a modern maintenance and storage hangar. The Innsbruck-based architecture studio Urban also managed to integrate a helicopter museum into the concept. Some of the 180 staff are employed at the subsidiary location in Meran. Although the two sites are several hundred kilometres apart, they share a common locking system. With blueSmart, all you need is an electronic key on your keyring to open doors, even those on lockers, cabinets or mail boxes. Heli Austria truly appreciates this feature since pilots may fly in Sankt Johann on one day, before transferring the aircraft to South Tirol, where they also need to enter rooms. 
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