RoMed hospital system

Success brings about change. This also applies to the RoMed hospital system. The construction of a new ward prompted the purchase of an electronic locking system. After a test phase, the staff and hospital management chose the Winkhaus blueSmart key-based system. Further construction work is planned in addition to the new building, which will result in a complete restructuring. The existing locking system could no longer keep up with these changes. So the decision was made to invest in an electronic system. The hospital staff desired a key-based solution for an easier transition. A knobless locking cylinder was also preferred in the interior area in order to avoid protrusions on the doors on which mobile beds or other equipment could become hung up. blueSmart offered both of these features. The future-oriented access system is also compatible with the hospital's time management system and the canteen billing system. It may also be integrated into the building's technology system. The quick and wireless command distribution in a virtual network was the main selling point, however. Prior to the final decision, the clinic management agreed on a test phase over several weeks. The experience with the innovative technology was thoroughly positive for all parties involved. The blueSmart electronic access management is used wherever old is replaced with new on the hospital grounds. 
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