Printing centre, Rhein-Main

Printing centre, Rhein Main

Virtual network secures printing house

The latest issues of numerous daily and weekly periodicals and trade magazines are printed day and night in the Rhein-Main printing centre. At the same time, a complex networked system secures access.

Winkhaus blueChip is responsible for the time management and access control in the new building. Even detection of identification on entry is networked with the Winkhaus system. The Winkhaus timeControl Professional time management system ensure the correct recording of hours worked and reliably processes the data.

Along with the time management terminals and the "timeLineAccessPoint", 26 online readers, 117 offline cylinders, nearly 100 EZK intelligent design door handle fittings, 16 narrow-frame fittings and three double knob cylinders in the printing centre form a virtual network. They can all be unlocked using the chip cards carried by the employees.

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