The Squaire

The Squaire

blueChip supports the NEW WORK CITY concept

A new dimension of work and life awaits all who enter THE SQUAIRE at Frankfurt Airport. The extraordinary architecture with unique aesthetics extends over a length of 600 metres over the ICE train station. Along with travellers passing through the NEW WORK CITY, as many as 7000 employees enter and exit each day. blueChip manages the access control and guarantees maximum flexibility in the organisation.

On an organisational level, the overall complex is divided into four areas which access regulated independently of each other. The possibility of combination at all times was one of the requirements place on bluechip.

When it came to decision of which locking system to use, economic benefits were also important to the builder, IVG. An offline system was chosen in order to eliminate most of the wiring. blueChip was also capable, during the construction phase - and thus long before the tenants moved in - to secure up to 35 individual construction sites within the complex.

An additional benefit with blueChip was the wide ranging possibilities of coordinating access. In this connection, more than 6000 electronic door cylinders, nearly 60 intelligent door fittings, ten offline readers and six "timeLine AccessPoint" online upload readers were installed. Each of these components was individually selected for the place of installation.

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