Isernhagen Municipality

Isernhagen Municipality

Energy efficiency in buildings with electronic locking technology

Tapping the full potential for energy conservation in buildings will play an increasingly important role for operators and users over the next few years. blueChip successfully combines security and access management with energy efficiency. The technology helps support energy optimisation in the sporting facilities of Isernhagen.

The various sports clubs identify themselves in the access control system using their own individual user key. This then allows them access to the sports hall while also connecting the power supply for lighting. In doing so, the system knows the exact lighting requirements for each sports club and switches on the lighting accordingly. Hot water for showers is also only switched on when someone enters the hall. Hall users are reminded to book out on the access control reader again before leaving. This ensures hot water and lighting are switched off again when they leave.

If a user should forget to do so, the system shuts off the power and water systems after a pre-set period of time. This project also assures optimum use of resources and t he respective user group is billed for what they have used. This technology is now fitted to four sports halls in Isernhagen with two more to follow in the near future.

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