Schulzentrum Ahaus

Schulzentrum Ahaus

Learning in a relaxed environment

Dealing with the loss of keys has been a part of the caretaker's day-to-day activities at the school complex in Ahus for many years. That time has come to a close with the installation of a blueChip electronic locking system. Teachers and pupils can now enjoy stress-free work, because security was increased considerably.

Ultimately, the city chose to invest in an electronic locking system because of the high costs arising with the loss of a master key. The constant insurance costs also supported the new investment.
Since the city already had a positive experience with blueChip - the Logo youth center and the Ahaus Gymnasium were already equipped with the technology - they chose blueChip once again.

The exterior and security-relevant inner rooms of both buildings of the school complex were first equipped with 50 blueChip cylinders in 2006. Due to the high temperature fluctuations and the humidity outside, special blueChip cylinders which guarantee the user a long battery life were used for the exterior doors.

Two year later the school received a new canteen. A burglary alarm system was added and eight additional doors were equipped with electronic cylinders. Since the locking system operates offline, wiring was only required for connection to the burglary alarm system.

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