Public utility company Erfurt

Stadtwerke Erfurt

As flexible as the company

After the restructuring of the corporation and the introduction of a new security concept, the mechanical locking system in the administrative complex of the public utility company in Erfurt had finally reached its capacity. In order to be able to flexibly control access management over a thousand doors, the company invested in an electronic locking system. blueChip now secures all accesses to the three building sections.

In addition to 13 subsidiaries of SWE Stadtwerke Erfurt GmbH, the complex includes 11 external companies. More than 1000 people pass through the buildings each day. The mechanical locking system no longer met the security requirements for the organisation of access authorisations.

The public utility company was looking for a locking system which facilitated work, was very flexible and future-oriented. With its high flexibility, modular technology and simple software handling, blueChip was best-suited to the requirement profile. In addition, the compact blueChip cylinder entailed the lowest conversion effort. Moreover, blueChip is the only system offered at the time which was VdS certified - like the entire building.

All employees in the administrative comlex now have a blueChip key. Along with employee access authorisations, blueChip also regulates the movements of visitors and maintenance staff. As a result, the public utility company now saves costs for security staff, which previously had to escort third-party personnel out of the building. A blueChip card received externally at the reception enables access to select areas.

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