Zweckverband Ostholstein

Zweckverband Ostholstein

Time-saving access organisation

The head of the real estate department at the Zweckverband Ostholstein (ZVO) estimates a reduced time expenditure of around 90 per cent with blueChip. blueChip door cylinders and the blueControlStart software organise access management in the new administrative building.

The 250 employees of the ZVO entered their new offices in the industrial park of Sierksdorf on the Baltic See at the end of April 2010. Eighty blueChip cylinders manage access to the 205 doors of the three-storey administrative complex. In addition to the exterior, they also control security-relevant areas in the building's interior.

The outside entrances are controlled electronically on both sides by double cylinders. For many of the interior doors, the blueChip double cylinder, which is electronically actuated, was sufficient for the ZVO.

Some of the blueChip cylinders are also equipped with a time function for security purposes. This way, it can be determined exactly which key was use to open the door at a specific time on a specific day. All other electronic cylinders enable recording of the las two hundred locking operations.

Many of the employees of the ZVO have a user-friendly, sturdy, plastic-covered blueChip key which electronically opens locked doors. The Winkhaus software for the management of the system is just as user-friendly as the key. With blueControlStart the ZVO has the entry-level package, which can be expanded and upgraded at any time, as needed.

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