Completely in the door frame

Fully motorised security door locking device providing freedom of door sash design and simple frame keep installation – without wiring to the doorstile.

The secret of the blueTop system

All of the locking system’s technical components are completely housed in the solid door frame. The advantage is immediately apparent, since it is not necessary to integrate any locking elements into the door sash. This allows you to realise your own individual ideas in doorstile design without any restrictions. The blueTop multi-point locking system can even be rendered without a profile cylinder and handle set for those who love straight-lined design.

Locking and unlocking

When closed, the blueTop locking system’s motor automatically extends two solid 110mm long bolts.
There is also a function for mechanical opening from the inside for use in emergencies.

Access organisation

The blueTop can be opened via a contact-free interface in all standard access control systems or building networks which feature a potential-free contact.

General representation

The blueTop fully motorised security door locking system ensures a high level of security thanks to the massive locking elements in the frame.


  • Design flexibility with the door sash; designs without profile cylinder or handle set are even possible
  • Fully motorised locking and unlocking
  • No cabling in the door sash, thus simplifying installation
  • Powerful motor
  • Electronic switching between day and night service modes for buildings with heavy public traffic
  • Integrated roller bolt for day service mode
  • Solid burglary protection (RC2/RC3 compatible)
    Standard feature: Integrated activation of drive unit for door openers


  • Winkhaus radio remote control or transponder access control systems
  • Battery and UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Manual locking and unlocking from the inside
  • Locking and unlocking from the inside using a key

Detail view


  • Standard model BT FR 2860 for standard front doors with sash rebate heights from 1875 to 2230 mm with optional emergency locking and unlocking (inside)
  • Model BT FR 28285 with emergency unlocking (inside) and frame-side lock case (optional, inside and outside) for standard front doors with sash rebate heights from 1875 to 2230 mm
  • Model BT FR U2460 for standard front doors with sash rebate heights from 1875 to 2230 mm with lock case for emergency locking and unlocking via profile cylinder
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