Featherweight operating convenience for space-saving sliding doors

New Winkhaus duoPort AS fitting system for windows and doors with retract and slide function

Sliding windows and doors have a decisive advantage: They hardly take up any space when opening. This is why large elements are often equipped with this feature. The new retract-slide fitting system from Winkhaus therefore requires an opening width of just 6 mm. And it has another advantage: Large and heavy windows and doors are particularly easy to operate.

The operation of a retract sliding element with duoPort AS is simple and intuitive. Misuse is virtually impossible. At the same time, the fitting seals particularly tightly. This makes it suitable not only for sliding doors, but also for sliding windows.

The window or door sash moves about 6 mm further into the interior to open. This is enough to release the seal from the frame and move the sash to its retract-slide position. The smooth-running technology, which is only operated with a single handle, then supports the sliding movement. It is suitable for sash weights of up to 250 kilograms. 

Thanks to the gap between the frame and sash, which is about 6 mm wide, a natural air exchange is created in the parallel position. The technology from duoPort AS thus contributes to heat- and cooling-saving room ventilation.

Manufacturer-friendly system
Suitable for Winkhaus’ modular concept, the retract-slide fitting can be combined with the activPilot turn-tilt fitting system. This means that its central locking device can be used as a sash fitting of the sliding element. Special tools are not required for installation. 

Winkhaus supplies the required special parts in compact, reusable containers. The parts can be quickly assembled – also because the frame goes all around. Thanks to the short fitting time, retract-slide fittings are easy to integrate into the production process. duoPort AS is compatible with profiles from Aluplast, Gealan, Rehau and Salamander. Winkhaus will be launching the product on the market in April 2021.