High resilience as standard – new hinge side from Winkhaus

The Winkhaus activPilot tilt & turn window fitting with new hinge side can carry a vent weight of up to 150 kg

Whether new build or renovation, large windows are in higher demand than ever before, because modern elements let more light into the home, yet still protect against heat loss and noise. But these functions go hand in hand with increased vent weights. With the activPilot from Winkhaus, window makers now have more scope for heavy windows: the system is currently being expanded with a new hinge side, which carries a vent weight of up to 150 kg with no additional components!

With the new activPilot hinge side, Winkhaus customers now have a truly unique selling point, with window elements offering much higher performance.                

An impressive effect has been achieved through targeted technical revision. The hinge parts of the new hinge side are made from solid steel. The contact surfaces have been made larger to distribute the load from the increased weights more effectively and to improve the support on the frame. The corner hinge has also been made slightly longer. There is no need for conversion during window production when processing the new hinge side, however, as the number of holes and positions for corner and shear hinges are exactly as before.

The stable solution offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. The highly resilient steel hinges are also ideal for narrow frames. Another important feature of the activPilot Concept has been retained:  The screw heads in the mounted window are invisible as they are concealed by the shear band and sash hinge.

Tested quality

The high-performance hinge side is tested according to the testing criteria of the new DIN EN 18126-8:2017 H3 standard.

Just three screw connections of the shear hinge in the reinforcement are sufficient to effortlessly achieve 20,000 opening cycles with vent weights of up to 130 kg. This corresponds to the directives of the ‘Community of Goods for Locks and Hardware’ for the screw connection of supporting fitting components on tilt & turn windows (attachment of supporting fitting components for turn-only and tilt & turn fittings).

A forth screw connection of the shear hinge in the steel reinforcement enables a load bearing capacity of up to 150 kg under the same conditions. This means that Winkhaus removes the need for a special hinge side with more screw connections.

Because the new activPilot hinge side can withstand much higher loads, it will be possible to transfer the existing RC2 and RC3 burglary prevention certificates from the previous hinge side.

Market launch

Winkhaus is currently launching the new hinge side for all standard plastic window profiles. The solutions for wood and aluminium windows with 16 mm sash fitting groove will then follow.

A wide range of sash hinges

Two sash hinge versions are available: One is a pin version for screwing onto the sash overlap, and the other is a euro-groove version. The new euro-groove sash hinge is rolled in one piece and therefore made entirely from steel, meaning it can bear significantly higher vent weights. On request, Winkhaus can supply the hinges with powder coating in a wide range of colours. The new overlap sash hinge comes with height adjustment, turn restriction and pressure adjustment. It’s also easy to retrofit the new hinges, as existing and new sashes have identical screw and pin positions.

Stable corner hinge

The suitable corner hinge is also offered in two variants. A narrow version (12 mm width) is well suited for euro-groove sash hinges and overlap sash hinges. The 16 mm wide pendant is suitable for right/left-handed use and is designed to be combined with the overlap sash hinge. For high sash weights, a long pin is available that extends into the steel reinforcement. All corner hinges have the same screw and pin positions as the previous standard hinge side.