Instant unlocking in emergency situations with Winkhaus autoLock AV3 OR

Be prepared for every eventuality: The new Winkhaus AV3 OR automatic security door locking system is equipped with a keyless immediate locking function which intervenes immediately when you leave the house to prevent unauthorised persons entering the building. The locked door can still be opened without a key from the inside at all times.

Since a judgement was passed at the district court in Frankfurt, house doors are increasingly being fitted with anti-panic door locking systems. The court decided that locked doors in apartment buildings can pose a significant risk to inhabitants and their visitors in emergency situations (Frankfurt am Main District Court: 2-13 P 127/12).

For this reason, it must be ensured at all times that everyone inside can get outside - even without a key. Traditional anti-panic door locking systems for escape and emergency routes from the Winkhaus panikLock product range meet this specification. For apartment buildings with no explicit panic or escape door requirement, Winkhaus offers a further low-cost solution – autoLock AV3 OR.

The lock is also optionally available with a practical daytime latch function. For those who prefer the convenient electronic version, they will be best equipped with the motorised blueMatic EAV3 OR which can be controlled from the outside with fingerprint detection, remote control or other control options.

Winkhaus Plus

+ Automatic locking by means of magnet technology
+ Improved burglary prevention via two locked hooks
+ Improved seal via two independent sealing elements
+ Immediate unlocking from inside using door handle
+ TaFa daytime latch can be easily retrofitted in the keep
+ Immediate opening from inside using the door handle