Locking system fights back against stiff breezes

Access organisation Winkhaus blueSmart secures real estate of AG Reederei Norden-Frisia on Norderney

With the construction of a new clearance terminal, the shipping company Norden-Frisia switched to an electronic access organisation. Keybooks now are a thing of the past. The electronic blueSmart locking system now controls who is authorised access.
As the entrance gate to the island of Norderney, the new port terminal "Haus Schifffahrt" welcomes residents and guests that reach the island by ferry. Here you will find the counters of the ferry service and the public baths, a restaurant café, an attractive viewing platform and waiting areas and bathroom facilities. Around two million passengers frequent the approximately 1,000 m2 hall every year. 

The futuristic architecture was designed by Lorek & Partner from Leer. A comfortable locking system was required for the new building with a total of 3,000 m2 of floor space,  which is easy to manage and works reliably even in the harsh weather on the North Sea coast. "In particular, the good resistance of the blueSmart cylinders to the harsh weather was an important criterion for us," emphasises Frank Schipper, IT employee at the shipping company. The aim was also to set up a modern and flexible locking system that would allow expansion to all Group subsidiaries and their different properties, in order to establish a uniform management.
In addition to shipping operations, an airline and a bus company belong to the traditional group of companies, whose roots date back to 1871.

Centrally managed real estate
At present, three properties of the shipping companies are already secured on Norderney with blueSmart: in addition to the port terminal, a warehouse and industrial facility in the port area as well as a large residential and commercial building with restaurant and staff apartments. Although the buildings are located at different locations, their locking systems are managed via a central PC. "That was very important to us," reports Schipper. The innovative locking system is predestined for this requirement, because blueSmart was developed for the comfortable management of complex building or property structures. 
The Winkhaus electronic access organisation unites the advantages of offline solutions with the benefits of online solutions with the virtual network. This makes the system much more flexible than solely offline or online solutions. Even companies with several properties, such as the shipping company Norden-Frisia, benefit from the technology. With a blueSmart system, all areas such as administration buildings, handling terminals, supply systems, warehouses or equipment hangars, but also apartments and even wind turbines can be reliably secured. 

High level of flexibility

Maximum comfort and high flexibility for the user are the focus of the electronic access organisation. The combination of a key-operated system with user keys that operate without batteries is unique – it distributes transactions such as changes in authorisations via a virtual network. That includes a viral disable command, which offers great benefits, especially if keys are lost. The command is distributed incredibly rapidly from door component to door component via the key. The technology can also be integrated into existing systems, such as building management systems, time recording, canteen billing or alarm and energy management.

Virtual network
A total of 120 electronic locking cylinders, four blueSmart upload readers and 200 electronic blueSmart keys are now part of the shipping company's new locking system. All these components together form a virtual network. This uses the blueSmart user key and is linked online with the upload readers connected to the management software. Unlike conventional online systems, there is no need for additional cabling, a large number of converters or interference-prone radio links. This allows locking systems with up to 195,000 components to be installed. 

Traditional key handling
The system transmits information between they keys and electronic cylinders within milliseconds in encrypted format without any cabling. The robust blueSmart key made of high-performance plastic is waterproof (IP 68), maintenance-free and carries an RFID chip inside. The individual access rights of the user are stored on this. 
The conversion to the new handy keys was not a problem for the employees of the shipping company. Because the electronic key is operated like a conventional mechanical reversible key: insert it into the cylinder and turn it. 

The planning and installation of the system in the terminal on Norderney was carried out by specialists from Rosenboom Haustechnik, who are based on the island. 

Integrated burglar alarm system
A burglar alarm system, which was implemented by the Wilhelmshaven-based company Eiben & Frank, is also integrated in the concept. This can simply be activated via the blueSmart upload reader.

Almost all doors in the terminal are secured with electronic locking cylinders. The compact blueSmart cylinders have the same dimensions as the mechanical ones, so they are flush-mounted and did not need to be wired. The blueSmart cylinders are available in different designs. The comprehensive Winkhaus range offered the right solution for every door, even those that are heavily exposed to salty air. However, all selected variants have one thing in common: They come without protruding knobs, which could serve as targets for deliberate vandalism or accidental damage.

Long battery service life and battery alarms transmitted via the virtual network to the blueControl management software guarantee the reliable electronic operation in the long term. This means maintenance requirements are very low. The cylinder events log is also considerably larger than in previous systems. In the event of theft, for example, the last 2,000 locking events can be read out along with the key number, date and time. 

Daily access authorisations 

Even more demanding tasks are performed by the blueSmart upload readers, which are located in the outer area of the company buildings. These serve to assign the current authorisations for access that is limited with regard to time and location. Upon contact, the key is recognised and then loaded with transactions as well as the corresponding, individually adjustable authorisation for each key, for example, two working days.

Convenient system management
The management of blueSmart is as easy as the operation. The system is controlled by the Winkhaus management software blueControl Professional from a central server system in the data centre of the shipping company. A key book no longer needs to be kept. Should a key be lost, it is easily disabled with just a few clicks on the computer. This means there is no need to replace cylinders with blueSmart, unlike in mechanical locking systems, for example.

With the aid of the handy Winkhaus BXP programming device, the individual system components are programmed. A Linux computer is found inside. The display shows a modern user interface that is operated via touchscreen. This makes it easy to manage the blueSmart locking systems. These include programming, reading or identifying components, as well as the re-logging of completed transactions or read closing event lists from the door components to the management software database. This means that the system manager always has the current status of their locking system in view.

Video on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM36Yn5mPSo QR-Code_Frisia_80x80