New blueCompact wall reader opens doors and gates

Intelligent programme extension for the electronic locking system with the App

It looks very good and also likes to be also useful outside: The new wall read-out device from blueCompact. Irrespective of whether roller door, park barriers or a motorised lock in the house entrance door – all these can now be integrated in the blueCompact locking system. The permanent release for opening for a defined period is also programmable. This is of particular benefit to commercial users, who want to implement time restrictions on the general access to their building.

Winkhaus has specially developed the blueCompact electronic locking system for use in modern residential buildings and businesses that need to manage up to 25 doors. Even inexperienced technicians can configure and control the locking system via an App. The components are simple to install and also impress with their attractive appearance.

Tasks as flexibly programmable

In addition to the compact electronic cylinders, which can be easily exchanged for conventional door cylinders without cabling work, Winkhaus will be providing a wall read-out device for controlling motorised doors, gates and barriers for indoor and outdoor areas from June 2019.

The time span in which it enables doors and gates to be opened can be flexibly selected for each reader. The permanent release is particularly easy to activate. To do this, the blueCompact key is simply held longer in front of the reader - the reader already knows that the door or gate should remain permanently open. If desired, a time can be defined for automatic switching off. Which key can carry out these settings can also be defined in advance.

Two variants

Winkhaus offers the blueCompact wall read-out device in two variants. One with integrated control unit and one with external control unit. The latter is recommended for outdoor use. The external control unit can be positioned inside the building and is therefore well protected. Communication between the reader in the outside area and the control unit installed in the indoor area is executed via an encrypted data cable.

These beneficial features now enable blueCompact to provide even more freedom in the intelligent organisation of access to residential or commercial buildings.