Winkhaus at BAU 2015

30/10/2014 - High-quality window and door technology fulfils a variety of functions in contemporary architecture

Energy-efficiency, comfort, and ventilation with security are Winkhaus' guiding themes at BAU 2015 in Munich. At Stand C4/303, the company will be presenting imaginative technologies offering the right solutions to meet the challenges of modern architecture.

activPilot Comfort ventilation fittings with an additional parallel action function are a major emphasis of the window technology. They open up new possibilities for natural and efficient building ventilation. They are ideally suited for mildew prevention, improve the room air and living quality, and provide security from uninvited guests. The technology's contribution to good air quality was the subject of a recent study by Fraunhofer Institut IBP. The study showed that the tested activPilot Comfort PADM system can even replace a ventilation system in new building construction.

Windows that are equipped with fittings from the activPilot Comfort family can, depending on the version, be turned opened, tilted, and put into parallel position to leave a surrounding gap of up to 6 mm. The parallel action, which positions sashes parallel to the window frame, ensures a draught-free exchange of air which does not cool the room too much, unlike tilted or turned windows. The new ventilation position also supplies effective room ventilation with a more uniform flow compared to conventional tipped window positions and is also more pleasant for those present in the room, As a result, windows which are open for ventilation are not an invitation to intruders. In fact, the fitting also provides a high burglary resistance of up to RC2 when in parallel-action ventilation mode. This enables effective room ventilation, even when residents are not at home.

Winkhaus offers activPilot Comfort in a wide range of versions and thereby enables a great deal of leeway for façade design. In addition to turn and turn-tilt windows with manual operation, barrier-free windows, turn windows in special formats, and windows suitable for historical architecture can also be equipped with the technology. Whether fully-automatic, controlled via pre-programmed switching cycles, or by means of air quality sensors, the activPilot Comfort PADM leaves no wish unfulfilled. Sliding doors can also be equipped with fittings with the parallel action function.

Flexibility and convenience for building organisation

Electronic access control from Winkhaus offers a high measure of design and function. The company will be demonstrating the blueSmart technology's maximal flexibility at the stand in Munich. Since the system communicates in a virtual network and thereby combines the use online and offline solutions, the blueSmart electronic locking system can be used in all door fittings with the Euro-profile cylinder. blueSmart cylinders work offline, thus eliminating the need for elaborate wiring on the doors.

blueSmart Active, a new, extremely powerful electronic key which will be available starting in April 2015, is an extension of the existing Winkhaus system which expands the spectrum of custom solutions for the efficient organisation of buildings.

The blueSmart Active key is an intelligent enhancement for both new and existing systems. At first glance, its larger format sets it apart from the blueSmart standard key. This larger format offers more room for an internal energy supply and a state of the art controller for the implementation of changes in authorisation on the cylinder. As a result, the innovative key can assume entirely new functions: It opens and closes cylinders which have depleted batteries, it can be used as a handy programming device, and can assist cylinder operation as a power adapter when cylinder batteries are weak.

With this new development, Winkhaus is currently the only manufacturer in the market offering the possibility of combining active and passive keys and cylinders in a single electronic locking system.

Creative control over security

The Winkhaus spectrum also includes life-saving technologies. For use in doors which open escape routes, Winkhaus offers wide range of multi-point locking systems that are equally convenient and capable. The panicLock AP3 being presented at BAU 2015 is an emergency exit locking system which gives you leeway in choosing the locking cylinders you want. After all, it can be combined with a great number of profile cylinders, regardless of whether or not the locking cylinder has a freewheeling function. This allows you to install both single and double-leaf full emergency doors.

blueMatic EAV3 will also draw the interest of the professional industry audience in Munich. The innovative power security lock fulfils many building owners’ demands at the same time Its appealing design satisfies requirements for modern architecture which mandate high levels of convenience and energy efficiency. It combines reliable security and smooth operation with increased comfort and a tight seal. In addition, the multi-point locking system certified in accordance with VdS class B can be adapted to users' individual habits.

Munich, January 19-24, 2015, Stand C4/303

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