Winkhaus at Fensterbau Frontale 2018

02/02/2018 - Trade fair motto: Click, click - done

Amazingly quick and easy: just a few clicks is all it takes to fit the Winkhaus aluPilot in the standard rebate. Visitors at the Fensterbau Frontale 2018 will be able to see this for themselves from 21 to 24 March at the Winkhaus stand in Nuremberg. The new features of the popular Winkhaus window fitting activPilot Concept will also be celebrating their première. The new hinge side will carry sash weights of up to 150 kilograms with no additional components. Winkhaus will also be addressing the on-trend topic of burglary-resistant window fittings for retrofitting in a practice-orientated approach at Stand 4-243 in Hall 4.
With a surface of almost 800 square meters, it offers more space than ever for presentation and communication. “We are looking forward to exciting exchanges with numerous visitors from many parts of the world”, says Winkhaus general sales manager Timm Scheible. 

Winkhaus will also be presenting a wide range of security door locking systems, access control systems and Smart-Home solutions for these visitors at the stand. The door technology division will be presenting both new and established systems - like panikLock AP4 or autoLock AV3M4 – that equip external doors with comfort features and a wide range of security functions. blueCompact, the innovative Winkhaus locking system with the app that is gaining ever more fans thanks to its easy handling and appealing design, is also sure to attract a high level of interest. It reflects the increasing demand for future-orientated technologies, as well as the components for Smart-Home solutions for controlling and monitoring windows, which Winkhaus will be presenting in Nuremberg.  

Innovative concept for trend-orientated windows
In the field of window technology, the further developed hinge side of activPilot Concept is the focal point. It is a high-performance upgrade to the previous fitting. Winkhaus has achieved a big impact with minor technical changes. The higher load transfer of up to 150 kilograms has been achieved without increasing the number of components. The drilling positions for corner and shear hinges remain the same as before to prevent major changes in production. “Trade fair visitors will discover the further technical details we aim to impress our customers with in person at our stand”, states Scheible.

Well thought-out system for aluminium windows

In addition to the innovations for PVC-u windows, the turn-only and turn-tilt fitting system for aluminium windows will also attract the interest of trade fair visitors. aluPilot makes fitting an aluminium window up to 10 minutes faster. A surface-mounted (aluPilot Concept) and fully covered (aluPilot Topstar) fitting are available for selection. Both can also hold large and heavy windows and were developed for the aluminium standard rebate. This solution can be used for a wide range of different windows. Window manufacturers order the fittings via system houses.

Thanks to the small number of components and the simple click assembly, the fitting time is significantly shortened. The fittings are installed in the frontal standard rebate directly from outside by means of a handy assembly lever and fixed in place with a Torx TX-25. Adjustment takes place uniformly with a 4mm Allen key. 

Punching of the sash fitting groove is also unnecessary with aluPilot. This also cuts down on fabrication time. With aluPilot, entire work steps such as measuring, cutting to length and punching of connecting rods are also omitted, because seven different fixed lengths of drive rods (118 to 488 mm) are used. 

Saves on time and packaging

In addition to the low number of individual fitting parts, the innovative packaging concept of aluPilot also contributes to simplified stock keeping. Basickits with the size-dependent components are available, either with one fitting each or as large package units for industrial window builders. 

Burglary-resistant aluminium windows with less work

Burglary-resistant windows with a security level of up to RC 3 can be realised with aluPilot. Retrofitting of a window with anti-burglary protection is also possible. To upgrade an aluPilot fitting to comply with RC 2 only requires security keeps and a drive drilling protection for any window format. For resistance class RC 3 all it takes is one additional component. The result is a considerable boost in value with little work.

Retrofitting for timber and PVC-u windows
Retrofitting of windows made from plastic and wood in accordance with DIN 18104 part 2 also takes place discreetly, yet effectively. Winkhaus offers the varied activPilot retrofit concept for this purpose. The fittings sit discreetly in the window rebate, have no distracting surface-mounted elements and offer protection from prying attempts. If the innovative system is combined with lockable window handles and drilling protection, the retrofit fitting can fulfil requirements comparable with resistance class RC 2 for window fittings during prying attempts.

Clean installation with the builder on-site

The universal component range includes 29 fitting sets in total and therefore covers all common rectangular formats of PVC-u and wooden windows. The fittings are supplied pre-fabricated and in clear cardboard packaging. This means that window professionals have everything they need to retrofit the relevant window. The fittings are replaced directly on-site – without building dirt. Straight cropping of the drive rod and top rod is also possible and also helps to make retrofitting even easier.

Software tools for determining parts

With the retrofit fitting from Winkhaus there is no need to carry out extensive detailed measurements of the sash assembly fitting in advance. The components are cut to size at the customer’s site with minimal effort. The security keeps required for retrofitting are determined in advance by the window professional. Winkhaus has developed a handy case with samples for this purpose. Alternatively, a software tool for determining the frame parts is available to supplement the practice-orientated range on offer. Installed on a laptop or a desktop in the office, it uses the recorded dimensions to calculate the suitable security keeps. The relevant airgap, the centre rebate position and the frame geometry on the window are measured for this. The tool called “WH Profiler” runs under Windows and is available for download in the Winkhaus Partnerportal.