easyPilot Duplex

For burglary-resistant windows on the British market

easyPilot Duplex specially developed for the window market in the United Kingdom and Ireland is a flexible turn window fitting, which is used mainly on outwards-opening turn windows typical in England.

With its innovative leverage protection and highly efficient component usage and production, easyPilot Duplex offers a high level of burglary protection for a low price.

The special leverage protection of the easyPilot Duplex is guaranteed with two locking bolts, which lock in the same security keep in opposite directions.

Processing advantages

  • easyPilot Duplex sets itself apart from the previous products with its high cost- and production-efficiency
  • Fewer and lower-cost components
  • The space-saving design enables you to fit profiles with a depth of just 5 mm 

Burglary resistance

  • The fitting fulfils the requirement of the British standard BS 7950
  • Option of fixing the window sash in a ventilation setting with a gap of around 1 cm without having to do without burglary protection.


  • easyPilot Duplex offers smooth operation and convenient use
  • The contact pressure can be easily regulated by adjusting just two mushroom head screws


  • Corrosion resistance class 4 according to DIN EN 1670
  • 10 year guarantee

Locking gear rail with counter-rotating mushroom head screws for burglar-resistant turn windows

Product characteristics

  • 2 mushroom head screws lock into the safety keep like cams
  • Central handle position
  • Useable left and right hand
  • Safety mushroom head screws made of steel
  • Adjustable contact pressure
  • Gear case for milling from rebate
  • Faceplate width 16 mm
  • Fasten the window handle attachment with M5 x ..., DIN 965, 43 mm screw centres
  • Drive stroke 2 x approx. 17 mm with 90° handle actuation

Technical data

  • Backset: 22 mm
  • Drill hole: Ø 12-12-12, alternative Ø 12-25-12
  • Installation depth: 29 mm
  • Retainer for 7 mm spindle
Further fittings

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