Wireless relay

Hybrid solution consisting of cable and wireless connections

Hard-wired building systems, such as alarm systems, are still far from obsolete despite improving wireless technology. For this reason, Winkhaus offers the possibility of integrating Winkhaus wireless contacts into existing hard-wired systems with the wireless relay.

The wireless relay is designed as an interface between the Winkhaus wireless contacts and conventional hard-wired systems (e.g. hard-wired alarm systems). Up to 20 wireless contacts can be quickly and easily taught into a wireless relay. Therefore, it is especially well-suited for retrofitting to alarm systems in existing buildings or for the expansion of existing alarm systems.

Instead of routing cable to all windows in the building, cables only have to be routed from the alarm system to a few important points to ensure optional wireless coverage with the wireless relay. Then the wireless relay takes over the signal transmission to the wireless contacts installed in the windows from these points.

The programming of the wireless relay is harmonised for use in alarm systems. Therefore, the wireless relay recognises, for example, wireless contacts with low battery voltage or an interrupted wireless connection and prevents the alarm system from being triggered or interrupts the notification line in case of an emergency.

The wireless relay is certified in combination with the wireless contact FM.V. by VdS (VdS Home).

Wireless relay

  • Up to 20 wireless contacts of the type FM.V or FM.A can be connected
  • Quick and easy teaching at the push of a button
  • VdS Home certification
  • Flush-mounted installation
  • Potential-free changeover switch output
  • 12-24 V power supply
  • EnOcean radio protocol
  • Programming for alarm systems
    • Reacts with a time delay to a loss of wireless connection to the sensors
    • Reacts to low battery voltage

Wireless relay SRC-DO-Type2-WH

  • Output: Changeover contact switch contact, potential-free for 24 V ~ / 3 A or 24 V = / 3 A
  • Wireless technology: EnOcean (IEC 14543-3-10)
  • Frequency: 868 MHz
  • Antenna: internal receiver antenna
  • Power supply: 12-24 V = (±10%) or 12-24 V ~ (±10%)
  • Power consumption: typically 1.5 W (24 V =) | 3.4 VA (24 V ~)
  • Housing: ABS, red for standard flush-mounted installation
  • Protection rating: IP20 in accordance with DIN EN60529
  • Connection: electrical screw terminal, max. 1.5 mm²
  • Environmental conditions: 20 - +60 °C, max. 85% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Assembly: Flush-mounted installation in standard in-wall box (Ø=55 mm)