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blueSmart in the Campus in Münster-Handorf

Many sports clubs may envy TSV Handorf: The club has a complete sports campus. blueSmart secures the new complex at the interior and exterior entrances.

With 1,850 members, TSV is the largest association in the Münster district of Handorf. Nine departments and numerous subgroups, where people from 2 to 102 years of age play sports, can use the new building. The sports campus offers optimal conditions for ball sports, gymnastics, martial arts, athletics, running and fitness.
The campus includes a natural turf pitch with athletics facilities, two synthetic turf pitches and several small pitches. The centrepiece is the spacious and versatile club house. Designed by architect Joergen Dreher, the modern building houses a multi-purpose space for events with up to 300 people. The association’s offices are also located here. This includes rooms for trainers, referees, groundskeepers and paramedics, as well as equipment, storage and technical rooms, reception, changing rooms, showers and a team meeting room.

Suitable technology
A state-of-the-art complex with such a wide range of functional areas is ideal for the blueSmart electronic access system from Winkhaus. Specialist dealer Rütü from Münster began the installations in December 2021. The association’s decision-makers wanted local companies and products to be used in the construction of the new building.
More than a total of 70 low-maintenance electronic door cylinders have been fitted to date. Inside, doors are secured with flush-mounted blueSmart cylinders. These offer minimal attack surfaces for unintentional or deliberate damage and require no wiring on the doors. They also reduce the risk of injury, especially in sports centres, as there are no protruding knobs or similar elements. Weather-resistant blueSmart cylinders secure doors and gates outdoors. Electronic keys have been programmed for more than 140 association members. The locking system is administered by Winkhaus with the user-friendly blueControl Start software and the BXP BS programming device. The software offers a high degree of flexibility in the administration of the locking system, especially in the event of changes to the access authorisations for the key holders or key loss.

Sports facility intelligently secured
Operation of the system is virtually self-explanatory, as it is based on the usual locking behaviour: The handy key is simply inserted into the electronic cylinder and turned – and the door is unlocked. The blueSmart keys made of high-performance plastic are robust, require no battery and are therefore maintenance-free. They are resistant to hand disinfectants and even survive a washing machine cycle thanks to their waterproof housing (IP 68).

Administering the entire locking system with the corresponding software from Winkhaus is just as simple. This is installed on site on a PC or server. No special IT skills are required to operate it. Alternatively, the specialist dealer can also take over the administration for the customer.

Access to training times, proof of access to premises and, for example, renting out premises can thus be organised efficiently. An electronic key can be disabled with just a few clicks of the mouse on the PC, e.g. if a member leaves the association or if a key is lost. This means that the entire locking system no longer needs to be replaced in the event of a lost key, and ensures at all times that only authorised persons have access.
blueSmart is also suitable for use in sports facilities for other practical reasons: In addition to electronic cylinders, electronic door fittings and access readers, the range also includes electronic furniture locks for changing rooms, for example. Flush-mounted electronic cylinders are weather-resistant and low-maintenance. The lack of a knob prevents crushing injuries to the fingers and means that they cannot be misused as a climbing aid. Thanks to the identical dimensions to conventional cylinders, they can be installed in doors without any conversions. So there are many reasons for using a state-of-the-art electronic locking system such as blueSmart. Large, medium and small sports facilities alike can take advantage of the benefits.


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